The Story

In 1972, on a remote island lost in the Pacific Ocean, Vanuatu Water's story begins...

Far from the polluting industries, the fourth happiest country on Earth proudly presents today one of the purest water in the world. Vanuatu Water starts its journey in the sky of Efate where tropical rains fall down into unsullied equatorial forests and sprinkles down the numerous dormant volcanoes hosted on the archipelago. Once the water water reaches the ground it is filtered throughout ancient volcanic sand where it accumulates verious minerals and electrolytes achieving the smooth and unique taste that has been known by the locals for decades.
Vanuatu Natural Spring Water
The water is naturally stored into a confined aquifer located deep beneath the ground and the pressure forces the water right under the first layer of the Earth. Vanuatu Water flows out of the only well in Vanuatu capable of accessing such immaculate and untainted water. 46 years later, Vanuatu Water is journeying across the oceans to share this uniqueness with you and Vanuatu is eager to know if you are ready to try our happiness in a bottle.

The Factory

Vanuatu Beverage Limited is still the biggest manufacturer in Vanuatu, after 47 years of activity. We have expanded rapidly within the local market in the past years by supplying the people of Vanuatu with our best refreshing products. Recently, we have expanded our activity to the export market. Our export operations are mainly based in the Pacific Ocean, with a long-term strategy to export in the all Pacific area and Asia. Vanuatu Water is today the most popular product locally and growing internationally. Vanuatu Water is sourced from the heart of the sedimentary layers of the volcanic island of Efate, where the volcano is extinct for millions of years. The artesian source of water is safe from any polluting industry, and thanks to prevalence of its ancestral customs, we offer you a Premium Spring Artesian Water.
Vanuatu Water Bottle Supplier

Vanuatu Water is Reborn

In 2015, 43 years after the birth of Vanuatu Beverage Ltd, TC PAM hit Vanuatu. This particular cyclone dealt great damage to the country and the enterprise was not spared. The roof collapsed under the pressure and machines were destroyed in the process. It was at this time that the grandsons of the Founder got together and decided to rebuild, improve and expand. The rebirth of Vanuatu Beverage Ltd saw new machines coming to Vanuatu from all over Europe, state of the art technologies and top of the chain processes were put in place. 3 years later Vanuatu Beverage Ltd is bringing Happiness for the World with one of the purest water on Mother Earth.
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